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About the Kinship Care Resource Center

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Founding the Center

Dr Robert LittleIn 1999, plans for the center grew out of a series of research projects conducted by the late Dr. Robert Little on the policies and programs affecting kinship families in Michigan. In 2002 the Kinship Care Resource Center was established to address the needs identified by the analysis of the research data.

Dr. Robert Little was an instructor at the Michigan State University School of Social Work and an expert in kinship care issues. In the 1960's he served as Director of the Children's Center facility in Washington DC and in the 1970's he was Deputy Director for the State of Michigan Department of Human Services for Wayne County. Dr. Little was a
passionate advocate for family preservation programs and kinship care. The Kinship Care Resource Center is dedicated to his memory.

Services We Provide

All of our services are based on a foundation of research from Michigan State University and other research institutions and entities.


KCRC will offer training to individuals who work with kinship families through agencies and/or support entities each year using various methods to maximize access. Some of the training will be provided through the MSU Continuing Resource process.


KCRC will develop educational tools for kinship caregivers, support entities, and the general public, such as:


KCRC will create a communication plan utilizing our educational tools to help others understand the benefits and challenges of kinship care. Our plan includes:

  • Raising public awareness using a variety of media
  • Raising awareness of elected officials and executive level leadership through testimony and meetings
  • Developing a kinship advisory board that will act as a two-way conduit to share information regarding kinship care
  • Participating in committees and workgroups that will move the mission of the KCRC forward